Namenative Featured Listing & Category Showcase

Domain Showcase Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: 01 October 2020

1. Description of Service

1.1. Featured Listing

When a User orders a Featured Listing for his/her Domain , the Domain listing will rotate between the Namenative homepage and featured listings page for 30 days. Thirteen randomly selected Featured Listing domains are displayed on the Namenative homepage each hour while the remaining domains are displayed on the Featured Listings page.

1.2. Category Showcase

When a User orders a Category Showcase for his/her Domain, the Domain listing will be featured near the top of your domain's category page within the Namenative marketplace for 30 days.

The Featured Listing and Category Showcase listings are intended for the sole purpose of promoting a User's Domain on the Namenative website and does not include promotion of the Domain on any Site besides the Site where the order was placed.

The amount of the fee for the Domain Showcase Services is specified on the Namenative Price List, which is located on the Site and which is subject to change from time to time.

2. Scope of Service and Fees

3. Terms and Conditions

Domains will be featured on the Namenative website corresponding to the language used when placing the order.

Adult domains will be featured in the Adult catalog section and will not be shown on the Namenative homepage.

Domains must be entered into the User's account before placing a Featured Listing or Category Showcase order.

Domains are subject to review and should be added to the Featured Listing or Category Showcase within two (2) business days of placing your order.

Namenative maintains the right to refuse Featured Listing or Category Showcase orders for domains which violate Namenative's offensive domain policy or which have the potential to violate the rights of any third-party.