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Free to all Namenative customers:
Personal customer account and secure Transfer Services

Free registration

Simply register to use all of the tools and services such as: Buying, Selling.   With a Namenative customer account you gain access to all of this and much more.

  • Free customer account for the Namenative trade platform
  • Simply register – soon you will be able to buy and sell domains through Namenative
  • Free parking is also available for your domains at Namenative – earn money from advertising revenues

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Free Transfer Service

Perfect for buyers and sellers alike: Our reliable Domain Transfer Services ensure secure payment of the purchase price and transfer of all domains handled by Namenative.

  • Payment of the domain purchase price only after the domain has been transferred
  • Seamless transfer of the domain ownership to the buyer
  • Quick, personal handling of the domain's transfer by Namenative's transfer experts

Register with Namenative now – It's absolutely free

Buying Domains

Purchase domains with no additional costs. You can buy a domain on our trading platform at a fixed price, negotiate with the seller, or purchase it through a domain auction

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Selling Domains

Namenative charges a commission for domains traded on its platform. The amount of the commission depends on the type of sale and TLD, see below. Our Transfer Services are included at no charge

  • 5% Sale of a domain on the Namenative marketplace, including: Negotiation and Buy now
  • 5% Domain Auction on the Namenative marketplace

Domain Showcase

We have two locations to make your domains always show to people, this will spread your domains and get sold faster: The Home Page Showcase & The Search Page Showcase
They are valid for 30 days. All of the specified fees are accessed once and are not recurring.

  • One-time payment of 30 USD for Domain Showcase (duration: 30 days) on the website both Home Page & Search Page

Deposit to Namenative Wallet

Namenative marketplace is using cryptocurrency to do payment method mostly, at the moment we offer Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Free deposit to Namenative Wallet

Withdraw from Namenative Wallet

At the moment we offer Bitcoin (BTC) to deposit and withdraw, Namenative charges fee for withdraw cryptocurrency only

  • 0.001 BTC each time withdraw from us, as it is Bitcoin fee network
  • This fee is not fixed, can vary depending on the state of the blockchain networks

Namenative exchange rate for cryptocurrencies

Please be noted that, if buyer purchase from any payment method, we will use the same that payment method transfer to seller. For example, the buyer uses BTC to purchase a domain, so we transfer that BTC to the seller. Exchange rate at the time the buyer does purchase:

  • Exchange rate between listing (USD) price and cryptocurrencies is Market Exchange Rate
  • Namenative Market Exchange Rate is average market price from many sources in the world