Namenative Rules for Domain Parkers

Rules for Domain Parkers

Domain parking is an optional service provided by Namenative for users to "park" their domain names in order to increase the chance of a sale and to generate revenue from the domain's descriptive characteristics. To use domain parking, the user has to forward his/her domain to a Nameserver specified by Namenative. Our ad providers will then automatically generate a customized page with banner and/or text ads, or automatically redirect your domain visitor to the website of an advertiser interested in domain traffic related to the category of your domain. If appropriate, a sign that the respective domain name is for sale will be added to your page. Please read below for Namenative's rules regarding domain parking, or to read the specific terms of use for Namenative's Parking Program please click here.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unfortunately, a few bad apples have soured the practice of domain owners who legitimately park domain names they own in a parking program such as Namenative's. For that reason and more, Namenative takes IP infringement seriously and has instituted policies and procedures allowing rights holders to submit complaints to Namenative regarding the possible infringement by a domain owner participating in the Parking Program. With trademark infringement and click-fraud making front page news, users who participate in Namenative's Parking Program represent that they are the rightful owner of their domains and that no intellectual property rights would be infringed by their participation in Namenative's Parking Program. If you are not sure whether or not your domain names might possibly infringe a third party's IP rights, please search a trademark database such as the free service provided by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office or to search international trademarks try the free service provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Parking Program Rules

As mentioned above, click fraud has emerged as the number one obstacle to the success of domain traffic monetization models. Click fraud occurs when either computer programs or individuals are used to drive traffic to a website containing advertisement listings or directly to advertiser websites, such as Namenative's service, and who or which navigate to the domain and/or click on the listed ads displayed with no intention to purchase or inquire about the goods, services or companies being advertised. The threat posed by these practices is best illustrated by the number of advertisers who have greatly reduced the amount they spend on pay-per-click advertising. For these reasons, Namenative requires participants in our Parking Program to abide by the following set or rules and regulations.


  • Domain owners may not generate artificial page views, click on advertising links displayed on their own domain names, nor ask friends, family, employees, or others to do so.
  • Domain owner may not beg, ask, entice, or provide incentives for visitors to view their domain or click on advertising links.
  • Domain owner may not re-direct traffic to their parked domain name. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, traffic redirected from other domain names, traffic originating from advertising and purchased traffic such as pop-under or exit traffic. Each domain name must be parked separately.
  • Domain owner may not display their parked page as a pop-under or pop-up window without prior written approval from Namenative.
  • Domain owner may not categorize domain names in unrelated categories or specify an incorrect language parameter.
  • Domain owner may not submit advertising keywords that are unrelated to the subject area of the domain name.
  • Domain owner may not generate traffic to their domain name(s) or clicks on advertising links by any of the following methods: listings on newsgroups or discussion boards (with the exception of "domain for sale" postings), bulk emailing, social media postings, iframes, zero pixel frames, hitbots, clickbots, spiders, CGI scripts, java-scripts, or any other similar method.
  • Domain owner may not modify the Parking Program page or code in any way without prior approval. Only clicks or page views originating from an unmodified, Parking Program-served parking page will be considered valid.
  • Domain owner may not place the Parking Program page within a frame without prior written approval from Namenative.
  • Domain owner may not mislead visitors into believing that he/she will receive anything other than an internet search by viewing a domain or clicking on a text link or search box.
  • Referring pages must not be password protected in any way.
  • Namenative reserves the right to terminate your Parking Program account if it is idle for more than one month or upon suspicion of any violation of these rules or the Domain Parking Terms and Conditions.
  • Inability to comply with any of the terms of the User Agreement, the Domain Parking Terms and Conditions or these Rules for Domain Parkers will forfeit any unpaid earnings and result in the termination of Domain owner's Parking Program account. Further legal action may be taken in response to such violations as well.

Parking Payments

Namenative will pay the user a percentage of all revenues generated by the user's parked domain names. Users who participate in Namenative's parking program will be paid via wire transfer, direct deposit (ACH), paper check, or, depending on the Users place of residence. Payments will be made on or about 15 business days after the end of each calendar month for Click Balances earned and received during the prior month less any amount the Namenative determines, in its sole discretion, was not validly earned (see above for more details on invalid earnings), if an as long as the User has completed the Member Certification process and has entered his valid payment details.

The minimum payment amount is $20. Unissued earnings will be held until the month in which the total amount due exceeds the minimum payment amount for the chosen payment method or until the participation in the parking program has ended, in which case final payment will be made by method chosen by Namenative in its sole discretion. Un-issued earnings less than $20 or earnings undeliverable because of incomplete or inaccurate account data will expire after a period of 12 months and will be deleted.

PLEASE NOTE: Domain owners must understand that the Namenative will not withhold taxes from any payments, and that it is the responsibility of domain owner to pay all local, state, federal, and/or foreign taxes on income received from the parking program. By participating in Namenative's Parking Program, domain owners agree to indemnify and reimburse Namenative on account of any claim or assessment of taxes by any foreign, United States, state, and/or local taxing authority, and any other costs and damages arising from or in connection with the use or operation of the Parking Program.