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Thought of the perfect web address? Is the domain already taken? No problem!

4 easy steps to buy a domain

Buying domains: How it works

Create a free customer account:
 First create a free customer account.
 Now you can save domains in your watch list and buy them.
Search domains:
 Clever filter functions assist with your domain search.
 Limit the selection by having only certain domain extensions displayed.
Evaluate domains and prices:
 Older, shorter domains with popular suffixes (e.g., .com or are of great value.
 Our domain experts designate particularly valuable web addresses with the "Top domain" label.
Understanding seller and purchase options:
 Sellers can choose from several pricing options for their domains.
 Prices are negotiated directly between buyers and sellers.
Secure payment using Transfer Services:
 Namenative's domain Transfer Service ensures a secure payment process.
 The money is not released to the seller until the domain is transferred.
Easy Domain Transfer and use:
 We handle the transferring of ownership rights seamlessly.
 The domain is readily available to you following completion of the transfer.