Park Domains

Earn money, and sell your domains more quickly. With domain parking, you earn money with thematically matched advertising links featured on your domain. With every click on an ad your till will ring!

Ad revenue for unused domains

Domain parking benefits you in three different ways simultaneously: Earn money when visitors click on ad links, learn how often your domain is visited and boost sales.

All you need to do is park your domains at Namenative, for free. We will handle the rest – everything from ad placement to paying out your advertising earnings.

Earn Money

Earn Money with advertisements. Consistent with your domain name, professionally and fully automatic.

Convenient Payment

Very convenient payment by wire transfer or PayPal.

Sell twice

Parked domains can be visited online and sell twice as fast as non-parked domains.

Valuable visitor statistics

Valuable visitor statistics can be used as the basis for purchase negotiations.

Guaranteed Free

Guaranteed free and can be cancelled at any time.

Suitable for Personal Site

It is very suitable if you have unused and personal site

Parking domains: How it works

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