July 112022

20 end user domain name sales up to $600,000

A yachting company took the top spot on Sedo’s end users sales this week.

Earlier this month, Eric Borgos announced he sold yachts.com for $600,000. Now we know who bought it, as you’ll see below.

Sedo had some other nice sales that I can’t chart as end users yet. Auto.ae sold for $101,000, but I can’t figure out if the person behind it is an end user or bought it as an investment. Coinwire.com at $30,000 has a website, but it had one before the sale, too.

Yachts.com $600,000 – Sieckmann Exclusive Yachting, also known as s2, is a boat sales and charter company. It uses the domain name sieckmann-yachts.de.

Historic.org $12,000 – Historic Programs is a non-profit focusing on remembering wars and veterans.

JoinToday.com $10,000 – Talk about an excellent call-to-action domain! Trust Federal Credit Union acquired this domain and forwards it to its website.

UrbanCompany.in $9,999 – Urbanclap Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. helps people book in-home services such as beauty treatments, home cleaning, appliance repair, etc. It uses the matching .com domain.

MerchBooth.com $7,500 – MerchBooth.com is under development but will be a place to buy branded merchandise.

Audare.com $7,500 – Church & Dwight Co., Inc. is the maker of Arm & Hammer, Trojan, OxiClean and other household brands. In April, it filed a trademark application for Audare for nutritional supplements.

Inmo.com €6,000 – The buyer is working on a real estate site.

Vipassana.de €6,000 – Vipassana will be a meditation site.

SoloDuo.com $5,000 – This will be a Shopify store. I like the name and wonder what it will sell.

RisingSon.org $4,999 – Rising Son is a men’s Christian retreat in Utah.

Katalysatoren-ankauf.de €4,500 – This domain translates to purchase of catalytic converters in German. It forwards to papierfritze.de, a site that buys scrap metal and other goods.

Shinetech.de €4,000 – Shinetech New Energy GmbH sells products for photovoltaic systems in Germany and worldwide. This will be its new online store.

Composite.org €3,735- Composite says it will be “an innovative decentralized protocol enabling exotic derivatives.”

Neem.io €3,500 – Neem is an embedded finance platform for the underbanked that will launch first in Pakistan. It forwards this domain to neemexponential.com.

UUu.vip $3,500 – Not sure what to make of this. The site isn’t clear about what the group does, but it has a goal of world peace.

Asgra.com $2,968 – Isern Patentes y Marcas SL is an intellectual property firm. This domain might be for a client.

SssMedicare.com $2,499 – Triple S Management Corporation is a Blue Cross Blue Shield affiliate in Puerto Rico.

GastroGaming.com €2,000 – Oche AS has a chain of restaurants that offer darts. It calls this connection of food and game “Gastro Gaming.”

RentDemo.com $2,000 – RentPath Holdings, Inc. owns rent.com for consumers to find apartments, and provides solutions for apartment owners to market their units.

Reelgood.ca $2,000 – ReelGood offers an app for viewing all of your streaming services in one place. It uses the matching .com domain.

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