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What is My Domain Name Worth?

May 232022

What is art worth—hundreds of millions of dollars for a single canvas or sculpture … or nothing? The piece might belong in a museum, gallery, or simply at the curb on garbage day. Likely, its value is somewhere in between. Whatever the highest bidder feels it’s worth. You’ll get a similar answer when you ask about the market value of ...

Tips Before Purchasing A Domain Name

May 232022

For some, it’s a matter of coming up with the perfect website name or one that matches that of their brand or brick and mortar business, and finding that the perfect name is already taken. For others, it’s an investment decision to buy a bargain price now and later sell it for much more. Whatever the motivation, you’ve decided you wan...

Is Domain Investing Stil a Wise Move in 2022?

May 232022

You may have heard how the domain name and website was famously bought for $150,000 ... then sold for $7.5 million ... and later sold again for $350 million. Or how the domain name went for $7 million, or even's $5.1 million price tag. Sure, you say, but those sales were all in the dinosaur days of the i...