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What is SSL?

May 302022

In the world of cybersecurity, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s an encryption technology for scrambling messages between networked computers so the message can’t be intercepted by hackers and sensitive information stolen in transit. This isn’t the same as virus software or any other protection for your website. The purpose of...

The Importance of Web Design

May 232022

A well-designed website serves as both a calling card and a business generation tool. While it may be tempting to simply throw up a basic web template, putting some thought into how you present your business online can help boost customer interest and retention. Here are some reasons why it’s important to have a well-designed website....

Building a Brand Out of a Domain Name

May 132022

Branding is a crucial component of any business. A company that makes the best products at the lowest prices won’t stay in business for long if no one remembers the company’s name. At the same time, more and more consumers expect businesses to have an active online presence — not just with full-featured, interactive websites, but with...

Differences Between a Domain & Website

May 132022

You might get confused with a lot of technical terms when you're first getting started on the internet and definitely when you are trying to launch your first website. You also might struggle to find any decent information that will teach you the basics. Most of the articles you will find are written by tech experts who have already f...

Whois and Whois Records Explained

May 132022

You may have heard of a Whois record if you’ve ever purchased a domain name. Each one provides a link between the person who owns the domain and the rest of the internet. In addition to connecting internet users with their sites, Whois records also have significant safety ramifications and can be used to combat fraud. Continue reading...