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.Com prices increase at the end of next month

August 12022

The wholesale cost will increase 7% on September 1. Now would be a good time to renew .com domains in your portfolio that you want to keep. Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) will increase the wholesale price for .com domain names from $8.39 to $8.97 on September 1, 2022. With ICANN’s 18-cent fee, the actual price to registrars is $9.15. Registr...

The hidden benefit of renewing your domains early

August 12022

Renewing early could lead to quick domain sales. Yesterday, I wrote about why I renew my domains in batches, well before they need to be renewed. I teased that there’s a hidden benefit to renewing your domains early. Here it is: you might get some immediate sales when you renew your domains. Within days of renewing the domains, I made...

What are fair commissions for domain transactions?

July 172022

I think it’s 10%-20% depending on the type of sale. You’re excited to get an email saying you sold a domain. Then your next thought is about how you’ll only get 80% of the selling price. There’s been a lot of talk about domain transaction commissions since GoDaddy announced it is acquiring GoDaddy charges considerably higher ...

20 end user domain name sales up to $600,000

July 112022

A yachting company took the top spot on Sedo’s end users sales this week. Earlier this month, Eric Borgos announced he sold for $600,000. Now we know who bought it, as you’ll see below. Sedo had some other nice sales that I can’t chart as end users yet. sold for $101,000, but I can’t figure out if the person behind ... domain among top end user domain sales

July 112022

Well, that’s one way to spend $65,000. Will Donald Trump run again? Will MAGA still hold value? I don’t know, but someone plunked down $65,000 for the name, ostensibly to poke fun at the former president. Or maybe they’re a fan? It’s a term Joe Biden used to refer to Trump. It was one of many nice end user domain sales at Sedo this we...

12 Ways to Effectively Promote a New Product or Service

May 242022

Coming up with a new product or service is a lot of work, which unfortunately does not stop once it’s ready—launching and promoting it is the other half of the equation. You could be offering the best new product or service around, but if you don’t promote it properly, you’re likely to miss out on opportunities or even end up losing m...

What is My Domain Name Worth?

May 232022

What is art worth—hundreds of millions of dollars for a single canvas or sculpture … or nothing? The piece might belong in a museum, gallery, or simply at the curb on garbage day. Likely, its value is somewhere in between. Whatever the highest bidder feels it’s worth. You’ll get a similar answer when you ask about the market value of ...

Is Domain Investing Stil a Wise Move in 2022?

May 232022

You may have heard how the domain name and website was famously bought for $150,000 ... then sold for $7.5 million ... and later sold again for $350 million. Or how the domain name went for $7 million, or even's $5.1 million price tag. Sure, you say, but those sales were all in the dinosaur days of the i...