August 182022

End user domain sales up to $1.6 million

Two dating platforms, a shoe designer and a database company bought domain names.

August is vacation month, especially for businesses in Europe. So you can expect Sedo’s sales lists to be a little light this month. I found just nine end user sales on its latest list. Of course, there were many more, but these were just the ones I could identify at this point.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at the market. You can view previous lists like this here. $1.6 million – This one is a bit of a tease. I have determined that the buyer is an end user, but I can’t say much more at this point.

PlayFetish .com $15,000 – Deus Communication makes apps for dating profiles and such. You can imagine what this one will be for.

MatureSpace .com $7,000 – Grandview AppCommunity GmbH is another app/website maker that creates dating platforms. €4,450 – ACCIO Agencia per a la Competitivitat de l’Empresa is the Catalonia Trade & Investment group. It’s a government agency that promotes foreign investment in the region of Spain. So it will likely use the .us to promote the region to companies in the United States. £3,850 – DCEX Pty Ltd is an Australian company formed this year. I can’t find out anything else about the business. €4,400 and €3,600 – AstorMueller AG is a shoe designer. One of its brands is Bugatti. $2,000 – This company is making a database that can run locally on the client. €2,990 – This site is used to review motorcycle accessories. It has a copyright date starting in 2016, but it appears the site at the domain is new, so it likely wasn’t an entire website purchase. €2,250 –  Paragliding pilots from central Switzerland created Hike and Fly to share with other enthusiasts. It also sells branded merchandise.