July 112022

MAGA.com domain among top end user domain sales

Well, that’s one way to spend $65,000.

Will Donald Trump run again? Will MAGA still hold value? I don’t know, but someone plunked down $65,000 for the name, ostensibly to poke fun at the former president. Or maybe they’re a fan? It’s a term Joe Biden used to refer to Trump.

It was one of many nice end user domain sales at Sedo this week.

Virtua.com $78,000 – Virtua Limited offers a collectibles metaverse.

Maga.com $65,000 – Yes, like Make America Great Again. I don’t know who bought it, but they’ve uploaded the image above. Biden has referred to Trump as the Great MAGA King.

Karo.com $48,000 – Karo Pharma AB is a Swedish biopharmaceutical company. It uses the domain KaroPharma.com.

KingSoftware.com $12,000 – King Software is a business process software company. It uses the matching .nl domain name.

Triple.xyz $9,000 – Yep, Triple is a web3 company. It’s in the crypto payments space.

WebSockets.com $9,000 – Tech company Ably uses this domain for a page where you can download “The WebSocket Handbook”.

Echo3D.com $9,000 – Echo3D says it helps you build real-time 3D/AR/VR apps.

Banbox.com $4,960 – United Technology in Bangladesh bought this domain. If I’ve found the correct company, it sells goods for sewing and clothing manufacturing.

NextCircle.com $4,960 – NextCircle is a social tool for getting answers to questions/recommendationa from people you know.

Pilp.org $4,499 – Pennslyvania Institutional Law Project bought this domain. It forwards it to pailp.org.

Coliving.net $3,800 – Delfimmo in France bought this domain. I believe it’s a real estate company.

Fruits.co £3,000 – Fruits offers an easy way to sell digital content.

CigarDepot.com $2,995 – Holy Smokes Cigars bought this domain and forwards it to its website.

Logberg.com $2,995 – Conceptum Logistics has a business called Logberg GmbH.

Cutover.de €2,990 – 360 Watt GmbH offers cutover IT consulting services.

BikeClub.fr €2,650 – BikeClub, a subscription bicycle service

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