August 12022

The hidden benefit of renewing your domains early

Renewing early could lead to quick domain sales.

Yesterday, I wrote about why I renew my domains in batches, well before they need to be renewed. I teased that there’s a hidden benefit to renewing your domains early.

Here it is: you might get some immediate sales when you renew your domains.

Within days of renewing the domains, I made two sales and had an inquiry on another domain. All three of the domains were ones I had just renewed.

Now, this could be a coincidence. But I don’t think so. The two sales were domains I’d had inquiries on before that hadn’t resulted in sales.

I believe that some end users look at the expiration date of domains. If the domain expires soon, they think they’ll be able to register it when it expires. (They aren’t usually familiar with drop catching and what happens when a domain expires).

So when they saw that the domain was renewed for another year, they decided to go ahead and buy it.

I’ve also had this happen in the past, shortly after renewing domains. I’m curious if other people have, too.