April 282022

Why getting a .com domain is the best thing for your company

You’ve spent a lot of time creating a business plan, know all the ins and outs of your industry and now you’re ready to start your own business. You’ve even thought of creating a website, as you do want to be found online. But have you considered getting a .com domain instead of a cheaper option? In the long run, this could really improve your business making loads of money.

Here are some reasons why a .com domain is best for your business

People expect you to have a .com domain

The most straightforward reason why you should get a .com domain for your business, is that most people will simply assume your website ends with .com. It’s best that yours does too, as people will simply type it in the address bar. Research shows that people are 3.8 times more likely to assume it ends in .com than any other TLD. Imagine the business you miss out on because possible customers are typing the wrong extension to get to your page. You don’t want them to miss out when they’re trying to find you.

Most websites end in .com

It’s not so weird that people expect you to have a .com domain. More than half of all the millions and millions of websites end with .com. In June 2020, 50.9% of all top-level domains were .com. Now, if you realize that there are about 2 billion websites on the internet, then you know that 1 billion of them are a .com.  The second biggest extension? After .com comes .ru. With a market share of 6.4% it’s significantly smaller than .com. There must be a reason why most people and businesses choose to have a .com website rather than any other extension. Let’s look at our next point.

Credibility and reliability

Having a website with a .com domain improves credibility and reliability. As a business owner, being reliable and trustworthy are key to being successful. Possible customers won’t spend their money on your products if they don’t trust your business.

A study done by Growthbadger shows that .com scores the highest trust ratings of all the extensions. Out of 5, it scores a 3.5. Another common extension, .net, scores a 3.2. Add this trust rating with the memorability rating of a .com, and it becomes obvious why .com is best for your company.

What about SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it simply means, how well do search engines like Google and Bing find your website and how well will they rank it.

When reading about the SEO effects on having a .com domain, there is a certain myth that always comes back. In short it says, having a .com is better for SEO. Although it is not entirely untrue, it has to be taken with a grain of salt. Like people, Google also favors .com for many reasons making it seem more trustworthy. But this doesn’t mean that it automatically ranks higher than another extension.

A well written .net website, completely optimized for search engines, answering the questions the reader is looking for, or offering the product the buyer needs, will still rank better than a neglected .com domain. And that’s a good thing, it means you, and your competitors, have to take care of your websites which leads to a higher quality of pages, which leads to a higher level of trust, and therefore more revenue.

Still, nothing will stand a .com website with SSL certification and decent SEO in the way of ranking first in all the search engines out there.

Transferring your domain from a different TLD to .com could make a negative impact on your search engine rankings. Search engines don’t only look at page level, they also look at domain level. Seeing a whole new domain can cause the rankings to drop. Luckily, there are ways to avoid losing any ranking while transferring your domain to a .com. Just redirecting your old website to the new domain isn’t enough, it’s a big part of it, but you will need to do more than that. However, once you have correctly transferred your website to a .com domain, your business will definitely benefit from the transition.

Are there exceptions? 

Sure, if you are a cheese farmer in the German village of Kleinkahl who only sells to the locals of Kleinkahl and maybe to the people from the nearby villages, then a .com domain might not be your top priority. It’s likely that your website will be entirely in German, so a .de extension will do the trick. But even then you are limiting yourself.

For example, if you ever do decide to start selling your amazing products online to cheese aficionados all over the world, then all of a sudden your .de website isn’t so appealing anymore. If you want your company to grow, .com is the best for your brand awareness. Think hard before you make the decision to stay small and local.

Your website is on the worldwide web, so thinking global even when acting local can definitely benefit you in the long run.

As you can see, there are only benefits in getting a .com domain for your website. It will help your business thrive. If you are a reseller, helping your customers to get the best domains for their company, then advising them to go for a .com is the correct way to provide the best service for your clients. If you feel you are ready to get your own .com, then head over to our webshop and pick your own unique web domain in our easy tool