July 122022

WTF Domain? Identity Digital’s latest trends

.WTF had a strong month.

Identity Digital (formerly Donuts) released its monthly Domain Trends Report, and something will make you say WTF?

The .wtf top level domain made it into the company’s top 10 list in June, shooting up to #7. nTLDStats shows there are now over 30,000 .wtf names registered, adding a few thousand during the past month.

I don’t think I’ve come across a .wtf domain IRL.

The top 10 domains for the month were:


Five of Identity Digital’s top 20 premium domain sales were for .global domains, but these names have a high/low model that skews the results. The top sales were:


I believe the wholesale premiums on these domains are in the neighborhood of $2,500, with the non-.global domains carrying this as a renewal fee, too. I’m surprised to see spokane.dentist and will be curious to see which dentist made this investment. Spokane is a town of a couple hundred thousand in Eastern Washington.